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A message from Karel.

Get unfettered, positive oriented advice and information presented in an engaging, collaborative way as Karel Murray guides you to the solutions and advice you need to make your life and career altering decisions.

Station Street Mission Statement

Providing motivated instructors with effective tools and help them establish a personal understanding of how they can raise their level of instruction and take flight as a premier real estate educator.


The Strategy

Help instructors take flight and expand their skill set in order to deliver the best programming possible. I offer no guarantees other than my commitment to the process and the best advice I can give with hands on help when necessary.

Assist the presenter in designing a business plan process that will address prospecting, client relationships and building business for a long-term career.

Find the authentic presenter inside that will engage audiences in a way that is compelling, genuine and confident.

Help the instructor understand the value of different delivery methods that shift from formal to informal – communicating in a manner that the audience appreciates.

Identify the interaction techniques that best work with their instructional style.

Provide on-line webinars which focus on elements of presentation development like PowerPoint®, engagement through the General Principles of Adult Education, content development and business planning.

What Clients Say

  • Karel took me to the next level; she embraced me and showed me how to develop my storytelling ability. Best coaching experience I have ever had.

    Paul Dizmang,Dizmang Properties School of Real Estate

  • Karel was positive and inspirational Her presentation style was hilarious as she information managers could take back and us immediately!.

    Lynne WherryVirginia Association of REALTORS®

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