Babka's Kitchen

Cooking with Karel . . .

Take a moment to laugh and learn as Karel Murray tackles the kitchen...Karel unplugged!

"It has been 40 years since I cooked anything. Videoing my progress in learning how to bake, then cook real food is the adventure. After watching you may decide going to the grocery store would be easier!"

Episode 1: Cranberry Walnut Bread


Episode 2: Oatmeal Cookies

Take a moment to laugh and learn as Karel Murray tackles using a Kitchen Aide counter mixer for the first time and learns more about convection ovens. Oatmeal cookies - first attempt.


Episode 3: Babka Bread

For the individual learning how to bake - Join Karel Murray, after blowing up her mixer, she prepares Babka Bread in this episode. Her husband Rick, provides coaching from the side. Taking baking one step further every time she bakes.


Episode 4: Lemon Tart

Making a lemon tart is a challenge! So far out of four bakery items made, this is the only one that was cooked properly and tasted lemony tart. Getting there, however is another story... Karel Murray, Babka's Kitchen.


Episode 5: Boston Cream Pie

Ramping up the effort in the kitchen - two layered Boston Cream Pie with cream in the middle. Challenge is to also try and make it look appetizing. Now that's hard!

Karel Murray Laughing