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The Language of Intent: How Self Talk Transforms Outcomes

Are you one of those people who feels that their life has been shaped by unforeseen events or subjected to the actions of people who surround you? Do you constantly replay a helpless litany of negative thoughts hoping that somehow your life will improve? Join Karel Murray as she explores how, as human beings, we want something deeper and now is the time to discover that you do have the ability to shape your life and control your outcomes by embracing the Language of Intent.

"If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else" Yogi Bara.

"What stands out about Karel and the presentation – was that it was real. Karel helped the attendees realize and instill a true sense of confidence in themselves and give them courage to battle out whatever challenge they are currently faced with," said Sharon Hoydich, Director of Professional Development, Florida REALTORS®.


Conquering the Witch Within: Intergenerational Work Place Strategies that Create Real Results

Women in business, with constant conflicting impulses, can be their own worst enemies. Thus, our anxiety and strident approach can earn us the title of 'witch.' It's critical that we talk to each other and share wisdom that will help us create a more harmonious work environment and enhance friendships in the workplace.

"What a pleasure to read a book that has concrete advice on how to work with woman effectively. I loved the two different perspectives from a seasoned professional and a young aspiring woman," said Debbie Ashbrook, former Director of Business Services and Solutions Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

"I recommend the book to anyone starting out in their careers. It's an eye opener," said Deborah Falcone, Director, Real Estate Vertical Markets, The Wall Street Journal.


Hitting Our Stride: Work, Women and What Matters

Are you ready to have it all? The truth is women can do it and have it all – it’s not a myth. Women have more opportunities than ever before in the workplace, at home and beyond. approach to life, you’ll laugh, cry and nod in agreement over topics like:

  • What to learn from the reflections of our past without living in it
  • Making life-altering decisions by learning from others
  • Overcoming career challenges to find success
  • Dealing with the next generation and helping them along the way

Straight Talk: Getting Off the Curb

Enjoy "Straight Talk: Getting Off the Curb" with lively observations and witty storytelling. With humor and insight, Karel helps you rediscover your beliefs, talents, and desires; and rekindle your enthusiasm and dedication to excellence.


Extreme Excellence

Get unique perspectives from successful businesspeople that will help you expand your understanding of "excellence." The authors—including Karel—bring refreshingly different ideas of what excellence means to them and how they achieved it while offering practical tools that will help you implement their strategies.