Karel Murray, DREI is a nationally respected speaker who is dedicated to providing highly relevant programs that focus on career building systems and reinforcing efforts that enable licensees to deliver exceptional real estate services.

Super Realtor

By using the impact of stories that illustrate and reinforce program subject matter, Karel creates a mental link in the student’s mind to engage in those actions that will enhance meaningful communication and providing high value over and over again.

Karel's unique ability to blend humor, storytelling and real estate specific content creates a learning zone where students actually absorb the information in a way that helps them apply it in their businesses.

If you are looking for a presenter for your next conference or educational session, here is Karel Murray’s commitment to you:

Content that sticks

Interaction that creates a memorable experience

Delivery that stays on track with your learning objectives

Personal, professional, topnotch service - I'm known for it.

Meaningful and hilarious story telling that brings characters to life which in turn enhances participation

If you are interested in hiring a speaker who will take your audience on an informative, interesting, interactive, humorous journey -- contact Karel Murray today!

Take a Laugh Break and see karel in action!

Keynote and Continuing Education Sessions

Keynotes and continuing education session presentations are customized and are offered in time frames that meet the client’s needs. View and download the Corporate or Real Estate Press Kit for a complete listing of Karel's sessions.

Karel's instructor development workshops

Karel's instructor development workshops take presentation and instructional skills to a new level. From a 6 hour "Building Instruction Expertise" workshop to a 3 day boot camp, Karel's IDW's are unique, highly interactive.

Instructor Development Workshop

Mier cat 3It's important to present like a professional. Attendees' quick judgments are based on how the instructors are perceived - beginning with their first contact through the presentation of the material content. If your trainers are not good speakers, or they design lackluster programs, then they are giving the participants a false perception of their expertise. During this course, attendees will be exposed to a mixture of training and development applications as well as professional speaking techniques which will help ensure programs are as dynamic and effective as possible. After all, it's about the attendees and how well they are able to learn what is taught. And that is ultimately how the company and its trainer's performance are judged.

For additional information, outlines, and/or assistance in Real Estate Programs, contact Lisa Betts – or 888-423-3430.