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A Woman of Your Age

Completing a two hour presentation on marketing and use of technology in today's fast paced world.

An Unexpected Angel

Sometimes, what you did in the past explodes back into your present.

Auto Focus

- The phone has stopped ringing . . . It’s been a week . . . 2 weeks . . . business is unusually slow.  Do you over react?

Business As Usual . . . or Breaking Point?

I had no idea how long two straight weeks on the road really was.  It seemed like a great idea when I booked the five engagements in four different states.

Catch Them Doing Something Good!

Often, people love to complain about poor service or lament silently to themselves the lack of professional behavior exhibited by another person.


How are you going to determine the way your business will grow over the next two to five years? Do you delay mapping out your career until you have a “safe” amount of discretionary cash set aside or move forward when opportunity presents itself?

Communication Alert! How Behavior Impacts Clarity

According to E. H. Schein, Consultant, the most important thing for people to understand is what goes on inside their own heads.

Content Meets Delivery. . .The Art of Capturing Attention

Designing a new presentation always begins with a blank page - that insidious gleaming sheet of purity just waiting for those pearls of wisdom.

Digital Addiction: Blurring the Lines of Reality

I never realized how much my ability to use my computer has taken over my life.

Eliminate on the Run Leadership Style

5 Tips to a Building Superior Teamwork and Service - Robert runs a high energy business with a dedicated team. At least on initial glimpse this is the impression someone might get as they wait in the lobby.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

At what point do we figure out we aren’t like everyone else? For me, becoming an adult became a goal in itself.

Focusing on the Big Picture: 5 Ways to Gain Perspective

Have you ever concentrated on something so hard that the world seems to recede into the background?

Getting Global

I heard the term “world class” the other day and unbidden, I thought “What does this have to do with me?”

If Your Family Gave You Lemons, Don't Choke Them to Make Lemonade

Harsh, but true…you don’t pick your family, so you have to make the best of who you did get in the lottery of life. In the womb, we aren’t given the option of picking our parents or the society circumstances in which we are born.

Independence Day

Dawn is arriving. The chilly air causes the breath of the waiting mass of humanity to materialize as briefly hanging ghostly shapes.

Mentoring Moments

My husband, Rick, has a pained expression on his face as he watches me try to catch a piece of paper in the parking lot that had escaped our car.

No Time to Waste

It actually happened… I ran out of projects with deadlines.

Overdoing and Overtaxing

Have you ever just stopped in the middle of a busy place and study what is going on around you?

Presenter Paralysis . . . Eight Ways to Avoid It!

I first notice that my hands are getting clammy.

Public Trust, Does It Include You?

Her face registered disbelief when I finished reviewing options with her. There was a prolonged silence, and then she murmured, "You don't sound like any Realtor I've known!"

Quest For Courage

The Five Things I Learned From The Cowardly Lion
Growing up, my primary resource for understanding the concept of courage was the Wizard of Oz on television, watching the odd foursome face peril after peril. Read on to learn more about how to confront your own Wicked Witch of the West.

Reflection on Idiosyncrasies

I’ve been thinking about what makes us who we are. How do others really perceive us? My best mirror is my husband and my son.

Skating on Thin Ice

For some reason, I’ve noticed recently that high anxiety rules! I’m not just talking the type of anxious feeling…

Strength Of The Circle

My breath exploded from my chest when I listened to my husband’s voice telling me of the sudden death of his oldest brother, Chris.

Stretch Pants of Life

Somewhere along the line, we got our priorities screwed up.

Surviving Your Career

I'm at a meeting, but I'm not listening.

Taking the Next Step

Excuses. Lots of them. Not enough time - No money - My health is bad - No energy - I’ve worked hard - I deserve this - Menopause (a personal favorite)

Target Your Efforts: Five Tips to Mastering Your Business Niche

The AARP card appeared in the mail again. This time I actually opened the envelope…

The Gift of Our Life Purpose

Being an eternal optimist must be tiring; living with one must be even harder.

The Impact of Home Inspections

I couldn’t believe what he was doing! This six foot six inch tall, gray haired man had just disappeared underneath the house inside the crawlspace.

The Odds of Addiction

This article has been months in the making; a journey of self discovery regarding the nature of addictive behavior.

The Public Perspective

Dressed in saggy blue jeans, black t-shirt embossed with an image of himself and scuffed black athletic shoes, the employee named Chumlee is the first thing I noticed when I first watched the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars”.

The Trip to Relevance

Sitting at my computer, working my way through a complicated course which explains the technology tools necessary for successful business entrepreneurs, I had the sinking feeling that I might not be relevant any longer.

The Volunteer Leader – Good for Business

The energy in the passenger compartment of the airplane was palpable.

Virtually Social

Social networking. . . on-line. What a concept.

Wowed into Awe

What lies behind an institution’s front door?