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For the last 18 years, I've earned top level credentials as a national speaker and real estate educator. My focus is to utilize the natural passion for teaching and customize a consulting one-on-one approach to help instructors work on target areas to improve their day to day performance as a teacher and mentor.

Often, it is simply a matter of remembering what it feels like to be an audience member, utilize techniques that enhance a presentation style that your target audience will identify with.

My goal is to provide insight for a cost-effective solution that allows you to implement change quickly. Each consulting engagement is unique, driving by the specific needs of you, her client. All interactions are kept strictly confidential.

Message to Instructors

As a professional speaker, do you want to shorten the distance between average to great? As a speaker, do any of these scenarios resonate with you?

You are a content expert in presenting relevant information for real estate licensees, but you want to improve your presentation skills.

You are an experienced and interactive presenter, but are having trouble figuring out how to refine your message and engage audiences in an impactful way.

When we are done working together, you will want to be not just adequate, you will want to be brilliant, inspiring, charismatic, memorable and confident.

Working with Station Street Consulting is your opportunity to work, on an intensive one-to-one basis, with one of the foremost presentation real estate trainers in the country. The work concentrates on a specific presentation tasks, working within in a specific venue, and designed for the real estate audience.

Your process is individually tailored for you. You will be encouraged to develop what already works about how you present, rather than concentrating on what is 'wrong' with your presentation style.

The work will be geared to making your presentation vital and alive and to putting your ideas across in a powerful, effective, entertaining and stimulating way.

If you are ready to either personally fine-tune presentation skills, design relevant content and deliver that programming in an authentic yet professional manner, your next logical step may be in signing up for consulting with me.

Your Journey to a National Career

For established speakers who wish to grow beyond their local and regional markets, I can assist in establishing what your brand could be and align you with business professionals who can design your professional visual image. This brand will then be transferred to an effective, relevant website that achieves either brand awareness or booking ease.

Both of these are vital in establishing credibility in the real estate market conference arena and open doors with associations.


As an Association Education Director, are you interested in any of the following?

Developing the classroom engagement skills of instructors working for your school.

Increase the use of technology by your instructor staff as it relates to the general principle of education in the classroom.

Have instructors develop curriculum that addresses not only the fundamental elements of real estate education, but also reflect hot topics for today’s marketplace.

If you are ready, as a department, to fine-tune your instructor’s presentation skills in designing relevant content and delivering that programming in an authentic yet professional manner, your next logical step may be in signing up for consulting with me.

Understanding individual strengths and capitalizing on them in the classroom assists you, the education provider in designing an educational program that real estate licensees will appreciate and support on a long-term basis.

This step in seeking assistance is crucial and foundational to not only an instructor’s personal development, but also to an association education programming success.

Your Journey to a Power House Education Program

For Associations who wish to target and improve individual instructors in their delivery and content development, I can assist in establishing processes that will enhance your educational brand. By establishing credibility in the real estate market education area, you not only build strong programming but create a value guarantee that attendees can trust and pursue.

Contact Karel Murray at
[email protected]
or 816-400-7120.

Karel is an amazing Coach, but more importantly she became a friend. Her hands on, in the trenches style of coaching was just what I needed. She pushed me when I needed pushed and understood when I needed a break. Her humor also kept me engaged. I could always count on laughing through our time together. Her content knowledge and delivery skills are second to none, and she is incredibly generous sharing her knowledge.


Debra Gisriel, Principal Broker, eXP Realty – MASTERY LEVEL

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